CAI scale of the difficulties

T = Tourist

Itineraries that develop on roads or easy paths, are fairly short distances, evident and reported that no particular orientation problems. They are trips that do not require particular experience or physical preparation.

E = hikers

Routes that are turning almost always on trails or on passing tracks in varied terrain (pastures, detritus, stony), usually with reports. Require a sense of orientation, as well as some experience and knowledge of mountainous territory, training to walk, as well as appropriate footwear and equipment. Normally the hiking is between 500 and 1000m

EE = expert hikers

Routes not always reported and that require a good ability to move about the various mountain terrain. They can be paths or even faint traces that meander on difficult terrain or steep, with steep slopes and slippery scree and snowfields short surmountable without the use of mountaineering equipment.It need good mountain experience, foot firmly and in good physical condition. It is also necessary to have an equipment and appropriate equipment, in addition to a good sense of direction.