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Morcicchia, isolated from the other villages and reached by a dirt road, was called up to 1490 or even Moricicla Moricicula. The origin of the name is unclear, the name, according to the elderly s refers to “castle by the circular walls”, even if the primitive settlement plan does not have the circular pattern. Former stronghold of Litaldi or Ritaldi, Spoleto family, like other villages followed the historical events of the territory; It came to rule, as a result of an exchange, of Gisliero Marrone, perhaps a Lombard lord or franc, which sold it in 1078 to the Church. On the end of the century. XII, in fact, Cencio Camerario him as ” Petri iuris”, was for a time part of Normandy and the City of Spoleto, and then later joined in 1600 with Moriano equipping of a municipal statute, preserved today in the Archives of Spoleto , finally passed in 1800 to the municipality of Giano. Ancient castle, divided into two districts: San Silvestro and Castello, there are only a few surviving towers, a few houses and a large part of the walls. Wrapped mostly by silence and an atmosphere of yesteryear, offers the visitor facilities built in pink and white local stone, tiny lanes and the S. Silvestro church, dating from the fourteenth century., With a bell tower, testimony to its more ancient origin. In the Middle Ages was to be functioning the municipal building, partially visible on the north side of the castle.